1 December 2020 | 0

Window Shades in NYC: Light When You Need It Most

New York means versatility. Your business suit needs to go from grabbing coffee on the street to after-work cocktails. That little black dress has to see you through a meeting with the boss to your niece’s dance recital – all in a New York minute. In the city that boasts some of the nation’s tiniest apartments and retail […]

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24 November 2020 | 0

Why Custom Window Treatments Should Be Part of Your Interior Remodel

Have you been neglecting your living room windows? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you should consider remodeling your home with stylish custom window treatments. For your interior remodel, you’re making a smart move by getting attractive window treatments. These are ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and other areas in your home. […]

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10 September 2019 | 0

What Are Jabot Curtains and Are They Right for Your Windows?

You should see jabot curtains as windows of opportunity. These decorative pieces are there to frame your window so that the natural light can still come streaming in. Also known as cascades or tails, jabots have often been used to hide the seams between individual swags. Swags are the festoons which will gently grace the […]

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21 August 2019 | 0

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Blinds?: Your Complete Guide

Without window treatments, about 76% of the sunlight that falls on double-pane windows enters a room as heat. This makes it more difficult for your cooling system to do its job and raises your energy costs. Additionally, in winter months, you can save about 12% on your energy bill by employing shades or blinds. Even […]

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3 July 2019 | 0

When Style Meets Function: The Perks of Motorized Shades

Getting enough sunlight is, of course, incredibly important to keep in good health. Unfortunately, one billion people worldwide aren’t soaking up the rays that they should be. This results in a vitamin D deficiency leading to skin issues and depression. One factor to getting enough sunlight is having shades that let light in properly through […]

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22 June 2019 | 0

7 Reasons to Get Custom Drape Panels for Your NYC Home

People who go out to buy drapes often oscillate between custom drapes and off the rack drapes. This confusion often ends with choosing the former one as it gives you a lot of freedom and room to make changes. Custom drape panels are available in the market and you can find ones that are suitable for […]

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20 June 2019 | 0

Time for a Change: The Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Blinds in NYC

In April 2019, the New York City Council passed a new emissions regulation that limits the carbon emissions for buildings. Most of New York City’s building emissions come from heating and air units because the air escapes through leaky windows. So, building owners need to replace drafty windows. When you replace windows, you need to […]

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7 June 2019 | 0

10 Important Things to Consider When You’re Buying Custom Curtains in NYC

The average cost of window treatments in the US is $231 per window.  What’s the deal with curtains? Besides adding elegance and dimension to your spaces, the right window treatments can actually help insulate your home and reduce heating costs. Well-chosen colors, fabric, and height of curtains make a room look welcoming, stylish, and tastefully […]

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19 March 2019 | 0

How to Choose the Right Commercial Blinds in NYC

One of the most important aspects to an office is its lighting and the best way to control it is with the right window blinds. They have the power to cast a mood that will have your employees empowered and productive. How do you choose the right ones, though? There are many things you have […]

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29 December 2018 | 0

10 Simple Tips for Color Coordinating Custom Drapes with Your Home Interior

Are you looking to find the perfect custom drapes for your home? With the vast selection of drapes available in today’s marketplace, choosing the right drapes for your interior can feel overwhelming. Homeowners must consider the different materials, sizing and type of drapery that will work best in their home. Alongside these considerations, one of the […]

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