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  1. Time for a Change: The Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Blinds in NYC

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    In April 2019, the New York City Council passed a new emissions regulation that limits the carbon emissions for buildings.

    Most of New York City’s building emissions come from heating and air units because the air escapes through leaky windows. So, building owners need to replace drafty windows.

    When you replace windows, you need to replace commercial blinds, too. Besides window replacements, there are several reasons why businesses need to replace their commercial blinds over time.

    The Role Commercial Blinds Play

    Your business space is more than where you work. Whether you run an office or maintain a showroom, the environment has everything to do with productivity or sales.

    Light plays a significant role, as do the visual aesthetics of window treatments. The proper blinds allow you to filter light coming through the windows.

    This also allows you to control some of the heat transfer coming in and out, thus boosting the efficiency of your commercial space in New York City.

    Let’s look at these and other signs it’s time to replace your commercial blinds.

    Replacing Windows

    As we mentioned, new windows often prompt the need for new blinds or window shades. The new windows may be a different size. From there, you can decide on the type of commercial blinds or roller shades you want.

    For example, you can go with vertical blinds over horizontal, or roller shades. Windows are the first things your customers see when they enter your office or showroom.

    Enhancing the appearance by complementing the new windows with new window treatments goes a long way toward keeping your storefront looking sharp. 

    Discolored Blinds

    Regardless of the material, white blinds yellow with age and exposure to sunlight. They also show stains and dirt. If your commercial blinds are showing their age, it’s time to replace them.

    Also, you’ll want to update your blinds or window shades if they have faded over the years. You can go with a darker shade if the style of your space permits. Darker colors don’t yellow and also hide stains better than white.

    Bent or Broken Blades

    Any window covering is susceptible to damage. Mini blinds are more likely to break or bend. If you have noticeable damage to your commercial blinds, it detracts from the overall look of your business space.

    Your commercial space will look more appealing with a new set of commercial window blinds.

    If your budget allows, upgrade to blinds made of a more durable material like high-quality basswood, especially in any areas that are near people or equipment.

    Blinds Become Hard to Lift

    Over time, the pull mechanisms inside your blinds break. Other times, the cords themselves fray and give out. Pulling the cords becomes difficult or doesn’t lift the blinds at all.

    Not only does this mean that the blinds no longer work, but it becomes a hazard, that could result in injury.

    If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the blinds completely. If you know that you will be opening and closing the blinds frequently, you can select a style that’s a bit less susceptible to snags.

    Examples are cellular blinds and those made with faux wood materials. Both of those are lightweight yet easy to maneuver. There are also cordless blinds, which eliminates any future problems with cords.

    Updated Style

    Old window treatments and basic blinds can make the interior of your business appear outdated. They detract from the visual displays and showcases you have set up. If you have offices, dull blinds can make your space seem drab.

    Updating your commercial blinds with a style that matches the decor will enhance more than just the window treatments. You’d be giving your commercial space an up-to-date look.

    Are Your Blinds Kid-Safe?

    As of December 2018, most of the window coverings sold in New York and nationwide will be cordless or have cords too short to be accessible to children. Why? Corded blinds pose a strangulation hazard to children.

    In fact, the US Consumer Product Safety list cords as one of the “top five hidden hazards in American homes.”

    Even commercial buildings should replace their outdated blinds with cordless or short-corded commercial window blinds. Your business may not cater to children, though it’s always wise to keep safety in mind.

    Correct Bad Lighting

    The atmosphere in your office, showroom, or other workspace impacts productivity. Business owners often install particular color schemes and layouts to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees and customers alike.

    Natural Light

    Most of the time, natural light is preferred. The more sunlight is streaming in from the windows, the better. Other times, too much sunlight heats a space, creating an uncomfortable climate.

    Room Darkening

    Also, consider this situation; your work may demand darkness at times. For example, your people may be working with graphic design programs or photography.

    Or, they may have a temporary need to darken a room to watch a video presentation. In short, you’ll need to adjust your blinds to either invite natural light or block it.

    Adjustable Blinds

    A solution would be any adjustable blind. For added convenience, you could choose motorized blinds. They allow you to open and close blinds throughout the day as needed.

    It’s Time for an Aesthetic Change

    We have listed all the practical reasons for replacing your commercial blinds. Though, sometimes you just need an aesthetic change.

    Perhaps the business is under new management. Or maybe your company has recently completed a rebranding process.

    New window blinds are a subtle way to change your interior design. You may want an aesthetic change to go along with the latest marketing campaign.

    A change to your window treatments can make a difference. And, it won’t overpower your company-specific decor or posted marketing materials.

    Window Treatment Services

    Window coverings specialists are available to assess your commercial space. They can recommend the best options for window treatments, including commercial blinds.

    They take into consideration, style, function, privacy needs, and energy-efficiency as part of their services. 

    Give Your Commercial Blinds a Makeover

    Something as unnoticeable as commercial blinds goes a long way toward improving the aesthetic look of your business. It can also aid in improving energy efficiency.

    If you think it’s time for new commercial window blinds for your New-York based business, please contact us.

  2. How to Choose the Right Commercial Blinds in NYC

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    One of the most important aspects to an office is its lighting and the best way to control it is with the right window blinds. They have the power to cast a mood that will have your employees empowered and productive.

    How do you choose the right ones, though? There are many things you have to take into consideration and several different blind styles to choose from. We’re here to give you a helping hand give you a nice starting point for your shopping.

    Here are a few factors and types that you need to consider before you buy commercial blinds in NYC.

    1. What Sort of Business Do You Run?

    Before you start your shopping you need to step back and think about the business that you’re running. Depending on what it is, you’ll want to choose a style that revolves around that and blinds cast the overall mood you want to convey in your office with lighting.


    Is your office modern, traditional or a little bit of both?  You can never go wrong with black or white blinds to bring the best out in these two styles actually. They also will do well to put your employees in the business mood because they display a strong sense of professionalism.  


    Next, you need to consider the mood you want your business to reflect. You can do this with your lighting. For example, you’ve probably noticed that restaurants have very dim lighting.

    The reason for this is that they want their customers to relax and stay a while in hopes that they will order more food. If your business is more like a retail establishment, you’ll want your blinds to let in a lot of light to show off your products. 

    Depending on how much light you let in, it may leave a glare on your employee’s computers making it hard for them to do their jobs. Either way, you can control all of this with the blinds that you have installed. 

    2. Will You Have Someone Around to Operate Them?

    Are you going to have someone sticking around to adjust the blinds every time there is a glare or a sudden flash of sunlight illuminates through the room? When everyone is busy it can be hard to keep up with it. 

    This is why you should consider getting blinds that you can operate from a smartphone or remote. Instead of interrupting yourself to adjust the blinds, you can just fix them at the push of a button.  

    3. Do They Meet Regulations? 

    You’re going to have to meet certain safety regulations with your commercial blinds. This is a given no matter what your business is. Many cities have different window codes so it will be best to check NYC’s before you commit on a set of blinds. 

    They may require that the blinds are fire resistant for example or if you frequently have small children in your office, having blinds with a shorter cord so they don’t hurt themselves. 

    4. Cleaning and Maintenance

    Running a business is a lot of work so you’re going to want to install blinds that are easy to clean so as to lift a little bit of a burden off your shoulders. Even if you have someone come in and clean your blinds you’ll want to get ones that are easy maintenance because it will make your bill a lot cheaper.  

    It’s also a strategic idea to put low maintenance blinds that always seem to look brand new in a waiting room or any other room where you’re going to have customers. 

    5. Types of Blinds

    Now that you know what to look for in blinds, we’re going to go over a few different types that would be perfect in your NYC business office. 

    Wooden Blinds

    Wooden blinds are made out of wooden horizontal slats. They are ideal for privacy and light control. You can stain them pretty much any color that you want so it’s easy to match them with your office furniture. 

    They simply wipe clean with a dry cloth so they are pretty low maintenance in the cleaning department. 

    Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds are composed of streaks of fabric that are both good at filtering out light and prying eyes from your office building. They look great in pretty much any room they are in so your customers will love them. 

    The only issue with these blinds is that they are fairly difficult to clean when compared to say, wooden ones. You have to use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. You can also wipe them off with baby wipes if they aren’t too dusty. 

    Roller Blinds

    Roller blinds are basically fabric that is rolled into a tube at the top of your window and rolls down when you need to use it. They are a pretty versatile option and you can get some that are flame resistant. 

    They aren’t too hard to clean. You can take a wet or dry cloth to them and simply wipe them down. 

    Venetian Blinds

    Venetian blinds are horizontal slats that keep out light and give you privacy just like wooden ones except these are metal. They go great in basically any room and are easy to wipe off with a dry cloth when they are dirty. 

    Choosing the Right Commercial Blinds for Your Business 

    There are a lot of things to consider when buying commercial blinds for your NYC office. You have to find ones that are up to safety code, are easy to clean, and cast the appropriate mood for your business. Use these tips to find the perfect set that your customers and employees will love. 

    Ready to start shopping around? Contact us to place an order for blinds or talk to one of our experienced consultants.