Window Shades in NYC: Light When You Need It Most

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1 December, 2020 |

New York means versatility. Your business suit needs to go from grabbing coffee on the street to after-work cocktails. That little black dress has to see you through a meeting with the boss to your niece’s dance recital – all in a New York minute.

In the city that boasts some of the nation’s tiniest apartments and retail stores, everything in your NYC space needs to do double duty too. Window shades in NYC have to stand up to the demands of function as well as fashion.

Do you need natural light to open up your postage-stamp-sized apartment, or a window treatment capable of blocking out the flashing lights – or both? Are you looking to boost your premise’s energy efficiency, or give it a sleek modern look – or the perfect mix of the two?

With the right window treatment, you can do it all. Read on to learn about the best window shades for all the demands of New York City.

Best for Blocking Light

The city never sleeps, but you do. Or, at least, you try. The flashing lights of New York City have a way of creeping in past the curtains to keep everyone awake.

Studies have shown that even small amounts of light in the bedroom can lead to disrupted sleep and symptoms of depression, which means that light blocking curtains are more than a convenience. In a busy city, they’re a serious investment in mental wellbeing.

Blackout shades are lined with dense fabric so that no light filters in through seams or other gaps. The good news? Most types of shades can be converted to blackout shades, so if you see a type of window treatment that you like, a professional blinds specialist should be able to offer it in a blackout version

Just make sure that it is an easy window treatment to roll up, like a flat roman style, so that you can jump-start your circadian rhythm with a healthy dose of natural sunlight in the morning.

Best for Preserving Privacy

Getting natural light in the daytime is as important as keeping it dark at night. If your apartment is your new office (hello, working from home), you know how important it is to make the most of the brief daylight hours, but privacy is still a top consideration – what window treatment can do both?

This is a top priority for commercial blinds as well. Stores and restaurants may want to take advantage of large windows to give their customers the benefit of natural light.  But giving their patrons privacy from passersby on the street is still important – as well as making sure not to blind them with harsh sunlight. 

Solar shades are the perfect choice. They filter out UV rays, to keep harsh light out and let a soft, ambient natural light in. As well, they’re transparent enough to let customers (or work-from-homers) can see the outside view, but opaque enough to preserve privacy. 

Solar shades are available in roller blinds, which are the classic rolled style of window treatment that can be pulled down and rolled up easily. Roller blinds add a simple, crisp touch to large windows. 

Best of all, it’s easy to layer a fabric curtain over your roller blinds. Layering window treatments gives you a designer look, plus you can get the best of both worlds – a UV-protective roller blind for daytime, with a heavier curtain to block light at night.

Best for Energy Efficiency

New Yorkers are proud of being smart with their dollar. But did you know that up to 30% of a building’s heating energy can fly out through its windows? The right shades can help you stop heating the great outdoors.

Window treatments are just as important to staying cool in the summer, when 76% of the sunlight that enters your windows gets trapped in your apartment as heat. 

Choosing the right blinds doesn’t just keep your energy bill down, but helps reduce your environmental footprint as well. But being energy efficient doesn’t mean boring or utilitarian – there are lots of window treatment options that maximize energy usage while bringing a chic look to your apartment or business.

Specially designed energy efficient shades have a thermal liner to keep warm air in (or out). They come most commonly in roller styles. However, any dense curtain will positively impact your energy consumption, so get creative – try a soft-fold roman or a belly roman style. 

To maximize your energy efficiency, the most important thing is to choose an operable shade (one that’s easy to open and close) so that you can work with the day’s natural patterns of light. 

Does the sun only reach your storefront for a few precious minutes in the winter? Make sure to keep your blinds up when the sun is on your windows for an energy-efficient boost in warmth, then lower them to keep the warmth in all day.

On the other hand, if you’re sweating it out in your apartment all summer, keep the shades closed while the sun is up. Then, open them up in the evening for a natural cool-down.

Custom Window Shades in NYC

Where does designer quality meet everyday utility? Well, everywhere in New York, and especially in a great window treatment. Whether you’re working from home or living at work, custom window shades can provide all the fashion and function you need for your unique needs.

Jo-Vin window treatment specialists have over eighty years’ experience of bringing crafstmanship-quality window shades to NYC. They design both residential and commercial window treatments, as well as drapery, upholstery, and bedding.

To see more of their design expertise, take a look at their online gallery, featuring satisfied customers including St. Regis NYC, Ritz Carleton NYC, and the Crown Plaza NYC. 

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