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  1. When Style Meets Function: The Perks of Motorized Shades

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    Getting enough sunlight is, of course, incredibly important to keep in good health. Unfortunately, one billion people worldwide aren’t soaking up the rays that they should be. This results in a vitamin D deficiency leading to skin issues and depression.

    One factor to getting enough sunlight is having shades that let light in properly through your windows. Commercial blinds come in a lot of styles, but some block more light than they should be. If you live in New York City, the best option for you might be motorized shades.

    You might not have heard of these high-tech, stylish, and energy-effective window shades, but they’re your best bet in getting the perfect balance of light, beauty, and efficiency.

    Here, we’re going to tell you some benefits of motorized blinds so you can get the ball rolling on your remodeling!

    Let in the Light

    Because so many people in the world- and in New York alone- have issues with not getting enough sunlight, anything that increases the amount you’re getting is an asset.

    Motorized shades can be easily opened on a sunny day. In fact, there are even some shades that sense the sunlight and open automatically when there’s a certain level of it! This feature can usually be turned off if you don’t like it, but it’s definitely handy when you want to get the rays that your body needs to thrive.

    Plus, it’s convenient!

    Energy and Cost Effectiveness

    Not only do motorized blinds let light into your house in a way that can benefit your health, but they also save a lot of energy… and a lot of money for you.

    One reason for this is that you can save on electricity costs. Since motorized blinds are so much more effective at letting light into your home than manual ones, you can just open them on sunny days without turning on electric lights. This is great because you get a lot of natural light, but also because doing it often enough will save you big on electric bills.

    It also lets you easily get a breeze into your home on hot days and to get some heat into your home on cold days. Opening your blinds lets a good circulation of the outside air cool your home in the summer and save on AC costs. In the winter, the natural light can warm your home.

    It goes without saying that this isn’t just good for your wallet- it’s good for the environment, too. Less electricity and manual energy use means less energy wasted, which helps the Earth retain its natural state. These environmental benefits help the world we all live in and shouldn’t be scoffed at.

    Wide Reach

    At some point, everyone has just laid there and watched a show they didn’t really care about because they didn’t want to get up and manually change the channel. The same applies to shades. How many times have you just laid there in the dark because you were comfy and didn’t want to open the window?

    Motorized shades have remote controls that make opening and closing them easy. This can be done in a few ways. Of course, the traditional remote control is one option, but you could also get solar powered shades that open with the New York light.

    Pure comfort isn’t the only reason that this is a great feature. Sometimes, windows can be in hard to reach places- you can’t help the way your home was built. When this is the case, motorized blinds can save you a climb on the latter that you probably won’t take. 

    Basically, motorized shades are the way to go if you want to put your windows to good use!

    Protection from Break-Ins

    Have you ever left the TV on a timer to go off for an hour each day while you’re on vacation? Asked a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail so it isn’t obvious that no one’s home? Yeah, we have too.

    Making a house look like there’s someone inside it is a huge deterrent for burglars and thieves. These people want to get in, get your stuff, and get out. Nine times out of ten they don’t want to have a confrontation with residents.

    Motorized blinds make a house look lived in because, like your TV, you can set a timer to make them move at a specific time. This makes others think you’re home because- let’s be real- no one expects your blinds to be moving on your own.

    Plus, the blinds being open provides the added deterrent of burglars thinking they might be seen from the inside out. This is why motorized blinds are a great tool for preventing break-ins.


    You may be worried that you’ll be sacrificing style for pragmatics when you get motorized blinds, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, there are so many different styles of motorized blinds that you’ll have just as much- if not more- variety than you’d have otherwise!

    There are a lot of fabrics and styles that are only available when you choose motorized shades. But even if this weren’t the case, you can pick between pretty much any color and fabric texture you can dream of.

    If you want royal purple satin curtains for your window, motorized blinds can be customized to give you that feel! But if you want to have a homely blue cotton, you can definitely find that, too. The possibilities are pretty much limitless.

    Get Motorized Shades

    Redecorating your home can be tricky, and choosing the shades that you want to see on the daily is definitely no easy task. Still, motorized shades are definitely a great bet if you want to make your home a more open, airy, and stylish space as well as save on electricity costs and energy waste.

    Now that you know the benefits of motorized shades, contact us to get the best deals in New York! We’ll work with you to pick the perfect shades for your home and hearth.

    Good luck!