7 Reasons to Get Custom Drape Panels for Your NYC Home

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22 June, 2019 |

People who go out to buy drapes often oscillate between custom drapes and off the rack drapes. This confusion often ends with choosing the former one as it gives you a lot of freedom and room to make changes.

Custom drape panels are available in the market and you can find ones that are suitable for your wall. Custom drapes are not only economical but there are many other benefits that one can enjoy.

Every homemaker loves to adorn his/her house with different things. They buy beautiful curtains and style drapes just to make their home a cozy and exquisite place to live. If you are overwhelmed with the idea of decorating your house, then land on some easy styling tips here.

7 Reasons for Getting Custom Drape Panels for Your NYC Home

Owning a home in NYC is a blessing. If you are given a chance to decorate your own house, then there are a plethora of ideas that can be incorporated. You can search “custom curtains near me” and go buy the ones that you think would complement your house.

When it comes to decorating your house, the options about curtains and drapes do fall in. You find endless ideas that can help you in making your house look even more beautiful. Make sure you go through this overview of types of drapes and curtains when considering decorating your house. 

1. They Will Be a Perfect Fit for Your Windows

This is one of the best things about custom panels. Curtains too short or drapes not matching the size can always cause a problem in addition to the waste of money. If you are buying custom drape panels then there is nothing to worry about. 

The makers will be given all the right measurements so that panels can be made accordingly. The cost of window treatment in NYC is $231 per window. When it comes to decorating the while house you might look at your budget and reconsider the thought. You should consider these 10 things if you are planning to buy custom curtains.

Keeping this figure in mind you have to be very careful. In order to be on the safe side, it is better to buy custom made drape panels.

2. Better Workmanship

There is a vivid difference between ready-made drapes and custom made. As there is a difference between the prices of both types, you can see that custom-made drapes have better craftsmanship that ready-made panels.

Your pour in your ideas and the makers make sure that they satisfy their customers completely. If you buy something that is mass produced in a factory compared to the one that is made by an individual, you can see that the former would look amazing.

3. Good Quality Fabric and Lining

Custom made drapes use better quality fabrics that extend the life of the curtain. The linen used also comes from top-notch products that are meant to keep the fabric of the curtains in a good state. 

same goes for drape panels. You see that the quality of the panel is amazing as well as keeps it in a good state for a long time. This is one of the reasons that you should buy custom drape panels.

4. Easy Installation

When you buy custom drape panels, they also come with easy installation techniques. The idea is to make you aware of its beauty and right placement. Border curtains and short drapes are two different aspects and you should choose the one that you think would suit your house.

You can also ask the makers to send a designer to check the installation process.  At JO-VIN you can find different ways to redecorate your house with simple styling techniques. Learn about custom drapery and styling techniques so that you can décor your house. 

5. Knowledge of the Product

When you buy custom drape panels you also sign up for the best possible knowledge that you can get from the designer. The designers can guide you properly about the size, and length of drape panels that can help you make your room look larger. It can also make your room look spacious and make the light enter your room.

People often stand confused when they are asked about certain types. In order to make yourself familiar with drapery terminology, you can visit the link here.

6. Customization

If you are buying custom made drape panels then you have the choice to add your own ideas. If you do not like a certain thing in the panel then you can always change it to fit your taste. Customization allows you to make changes and you can always make it look even more beautiful.

This is the reason that custom drape panels are a better choice than off the rack drapes. They have more room to make changes.

7. You Can Choose the Fabric

If you are going for custom drape panels then you also have a choice to choose the fabric. If you want to see silk curtains in the room, then the makers can change the design and material of the drape panel accordingly.

However, if there is anything else that you like to see in your room, you can just ask the designers and they can do the task. Make sure you are not holding anything back. As custom made panels give you ample choice you can choose the ones that you like the most.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose custom drape panels.

Are You Choosing Custom Drape Panels for Your House?

As the above-mentioned reasons are enough to help you choose the panels, it is always a better idea to prefer customization over ready-made.

Custom drape panels give you ample choice and give you the freedom to make changes.

Customization can give you a perfect fit for your wall without having to go through any hassle. For a consultation or to place an order, contact us here.


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