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  1. How to Choose the Perfect Type of Shades for Your Home

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    Are you searching for the perfect window shades for your NYC home?

    One of the first things you’re going to realize is that there are so many different types of window shades to choose from. There are roller shades, flat Roman shades, California Roman shades, Austrian shades, and more.

    It can make it difficult for you to find the type of window shades that will work best for your specific home. You might even get so overwhelmed by the process that you choose to simply stick with the window shades you have hanging up now.

    Before you call off your search, take a step back and consider exactly what you want out of your window shades. It’ll make your hunt for new shades that much easier.

    Here is how to choose the perfect type of window shades for your home.

    Figure Out How Much Light You Want Your Shades to Let In

    When you’re initially looking at the different types of window shades on the market today, you should begin by considering how much light each of them will let in.

    A lighter-colored set of roller shades will allow quite a bit of light to pass right through them. They might be ideal for someone looking to install new shades in a living area.

    A darker-colored set of flat Roman shades, on the other hand, won’t let much light pass through them at all. They might be better for someone searching for new shades for a bedroom.

    Your goal should be to determine how much light you want to pass through your shades and then find the right style of shades to fit your needs. Whatever you decide, you’ll find light control to be a very important feature with any set of shades.

    Think About Which Style of Shades You Like Best

    The next thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing new window shades is which style will fit well within your home.

    Most of the different types of window shades can be dressed up or down, depending on where you install them. But generally speaking, there are some window shades that will work better in more formal settings than others.

    Take Austrian window shades, for example. They’re widely regarded as more formal window shades and will look right at home in somewhere like a dining area.

    Roller shades, meanwhile, are slightly less formal and more simple. They’ll usually work best in a kitchen or in a place where you don’t need such formal shades.

    Consider How Much Insulation Your Shades Will Provide

    Most homeowners see window shades are decorative touches. But they can actually play a big role in improving the energy efficiency of your home if you pick out the right ones.

    If you want to prevent cold air from getting through your windows in the wintertime and affecting the temperature of your home, there are heavier window shades available that will act as insulation. They’ll prevent air from getting into or out of your home at all times.

    There are also lighter shades that will allow air to pass freely right through them. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to utilize your window treatments to serve as a protective barrier for your home.

    Make Sure Your Shades Fit With the Shapes of Your Windows

    Do you have abnormally shaped windows in your home? This could be a factor for those looking at the different types of window shades and trying to pick out ones that fit.

    But the great thing is that you can customize many types of shades to fit any size window, no matter how big or small, in most cases. You just need to make sure you work with a company that can set you up with the residential window treatment services you need.

    Contemplate How You Want to Control Your Shades

    You can control window shades in so many ways today.

    If you want something simple, you can opt for shades that you control with a cord. But you can also motorize your window shades so that you can open and close them with the push of a button.

    If you decide to move in that direction, it’s, once again, important for you to work with a company that knows how to help you do it. It’s also important to choose window shades that can be motorized in the first place.

    There are some shades that are more difficult to motorize than others because of the way that they’re designed. You might find that they get tangled up or don’t move easily when you attempt to control them.

    Come Up With a Budget for Your Shades

    Whether you do this when you first start shopping for window shades or wait until you see the price tags attached to some of them, you will obviously need to create a budget for yourself at some point. You’ll also want to stick to that budget as closely as you can while purchasing window shades.

    When coming up with a budget, keep the total numbers of windows in your home in mind. Additionally, think about any maintenance costs that could potentially come along with something like motorized shades later.

    This will help you narrow down the window shades available to you. You’ll put yourself in a much better position to select the ones that are right for your home and your budget.

    Start Shopping for the Right Type of Window Shades Today

    If you want to replace the window shades you have in your home now, start looking around at some of your other options today.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a small NYC apartment in the middle of Manhattan or a large NYC home in the outskirts of Long Island. You can find the type of window shades you want for your home in no time.

    Do you need help picking out window shades and installing them? Contact us today to see the large window shade selection that we have available at the moment.