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Fabric Shades

Refer to this resource when doing a self measurement for fabric or roller shades in your windows. Be sure to understand if you are going to be putting the treatment as an inside or outside mount as it is a very important variable in determining the width. Any difficulties understanding this please do not hesitate to call us up for help.


Shade Measuring Instructions

Inside Installation: 

A. Width: Measure width of window at the top, center and bottom of window, and use narrowest measurement when ordering. Specify on order form if inside clearance has been made. If no clearance has been allowed factory will deduct
1/4″ from overall width.

B. Length: measure height of window from top of opening to
top of sill, no allowance is made for length.

Outside Installation:

A. Width: Measure exact width of area to be covered. It is recommended that shades extend past actual window opening by 2″ on each side. Furnish finished shade width, no allowances will be made.

B. Length: Measure length of area to be covered, allowing a minimum of 2 1/2″ at top of window to accommodate headerboard and brackets. (At this time you may want to take into consideration stackage of shades and allow for this in your length measurement.) Furnish finished shade length, no allowance will be made.

All Installations:

A. Specify right or left cord position. If no cord position is indicated, cords will be corded to right hand side.

B. Specify cord length (length of cord needed for easy reach, when shade is completely down). If no specification is made, cord length will be approximately 1/3 length of shade.

C. For Pole Cloud. Cloud and Balloon shades, specify if length given is high or low point of pouff.

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Square Footage Chart

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