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Wall Upholstery

The Benefits of Wall Upholstery

There are many reasons to consider wall upholstery, versus other types of wall coverings:

* Unparalleled warmth, texture and depth.
* Improved acoustics and soundproofing in key rooms, such as home theaters, dining rooms and bedrooms.
* Precise scribing to architectural contours and built-in elements, creating a tailored effect.
* Enhanced durability – holds up to generations of use with lower overall cost.
* Ability to install over irregular surfaces, eliminating the need to remove prior treatments or prep walls.
* Affords the application of unique details, such as brass nailheads or gimp trim.
* Natural process, with none of the toxins of paint, stain or wallpaper application.

Why Traditional Wall Upholstery?

Traditional wall upholstery is installed with pneumatic stapling tools and specialized skills. Designers and clients requiring the finest, handcrafted result seek out traditional upholstery, which provides depth to walls, while masking imperfections.

What’s the difference? Direct glue is an alternative approach that can magnify wall imperfections and bleed through fabric. Even worse, direct glue will always fail at some point in time; the fabric and trim will eventually detach from the wall.

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