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General Terminology

Yardage Information

Pleat- To: rod or board facing plus returns.

Finished Length: Length after fabrication. That is, the length you want the valance to be after the workroom makes it.

Cut Length: Is the length of material figured per width consisting of the finished length plus the number of inches your workroom requires for heading, bottom hem, possible repeat, and allowance for trim off.

Widths: Each piece of drapery fabric sewn together to form a pair or panel of draperies is a width. Example, a one way panel of draperies with a pleat-to of 110" requires 6 widths of 48" fabric. See fullness chart.

Fullness: The more fabric you pleat-to, or gather together to fill a given space. Usually two, two and a half, or three times fullness.

Repeat: How many inches a pattern takes to repeat itself.

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